About me 

My name is Christina Willkomm. I'm a UX/UI designer and I'm always looking for simple solutions in an increasingly complex world. My interest in trends, social developments and technology led to my recent career change by venturing the world of UX. Having found something that is not only creative but also analytical and challenging makes me excited about my new field of work. In October 2022 I received my UX/UI certificate and designed my first projects. I am currently available for remote or hybrid work (in the Hamburg, Kiel or Berlin area).

What fuels me

What drives me is the understanding of contextual contexts and working methods. When I won a poster competition at school, I wanted to know how poster printing works. I did an internship in a printing company. After that, I wanted to further develop my design skills and started to study design. Semesters abroad in China and England not only broadened my creative horizon, but also made me aware of the different approaches and solutions. With a BA (Hons) of Art in Communication Design under my belt, I initially worked alternately in small agencies and for my own clients. It was here that I honed my editing skills and learned the basics of HTML and website design, as almost every one of my clients needed a website at the time. My main concern has always been to achieve measurable progress through good design and the use of up-to-date tools. Entering the UX field was a natural progression, because “putting the customer and their needs first” is the order of the day.

Values I stand for 

I like the open and honest exchange - with colleagues and customers. This is the only way to prevent frustration on both sides at an early stage. If I can choose, I like to work on projects that not only promote sales, but also serve a higher purpose and have a sustainable approach.

Things I do in my free time

​​​​​​​I also look for new challenges in my private life from time to time - preferably in areas that I have not yet explored. Such excursions end, for example, with a beekeeper's or a sports boat license =) I'm also a very sociable person who likes to be out and about with friends and family. I find balance in baking and gardening.